Jamaican men and relationships

A common question amongst most of our users is what is it like to be in a relationship with a Jamaican man? So, in response to this we asked some of users who are currently (or have previously been) in a relationship or dated Jamaican men. We conducted this survey with over hundreds of our clients and received some great responses.

Charlotte, 24 years old from Birmingham shared her experience of being in a relationship for 4 years with a Jamaican man. She explained how the relationship was always exciting and unpredictable. She told us how her partner was also always spontaneous and romantic. For their first anniversary he surprised her with a romantic all-inclusive trip to Paris! Also, for her 21st birthday he whisked her away on a cruise around the Caribbean for 2 weeks! Charlotte said although the relationship has since ended due to long distance, she doesn’t regret the relationship and recalls it the best 4 years of her life!

We also received a response from 30-year-old Christina, who has been happily married to her Jamaican husband for nearly 11 years. We asked her what she believe is the best thing about Jamaican men and relationships. Christina said that Jamaica men, and especially her husband, are very protective and loving partners. She explained how her husband always makes her feel safe, secure and protected. She also told us how he never forgets an anniversary or birthday and always surprises her with sentimental gifts. Christina also told us how she has many other Jamaican men friends and that they are always respectable and well mannered. Well, I’m sure you can understand why they have been happily married for 11 years now!

Not only are Jamaican men good husbands, they are great fun to date too! When analysing our responses we noticed some reoccurring comments made about dating Jamaican men. A large number of people who responded said that Jamaican men were energetic, lively and easy to talk to. Nearly all of our respondents also agreed that Jamaican men are always polite and traditional when it comes to dating. For example, Jamaican men never let the women settle the bill and always make sure that their date gets home safely! What more could you ask for?

So there you have it, everything our users said about Jamaican men and relationships. If you like what you’ve just read then why not sign up to our site today and see if you can meet yourself the perfect Jamaican man?