Jamaican Men and Relationship: Dating Jamaican Men

jamaican men

It’s hard to resist the masculine charm and the good looks of Jamaican men. Combine this with the obvious sex appeal of sexy Jamaican men, and you realize why few can resist the temptation of dating Jamaican men. Even when you know that this is just the type you can fall in love with, the Jamaican men stereotypes may have you wondering if love and Jamaican men is a little like inviting love hurts and heartbreak into your life. The common stereotypes surrounding the men from this culture revolve around Jamaican men and relationships. Instead of letting predetermined opinions cloud your vision and judgment, allow your instincts about this special someone you find irresistible guide you and be the basis on which you form your own opinions. Preconceived notions can feed insecurities, can cause unnecessary misunderstandings, can shut the door on a promising relationship and keep it from taking off. When you have your mind set on being with your Jamaican soulmate, here are a few of the stereotypes you may hear of and the truth about them.

Jamaican men are Casanovas

One stereotype regarding Jamaican men is that they cheat on their romantic partner. While this may hold true for some men from this culture, the generalization can’t hold true for all Jamaican men. The truth is, given their magnetic personalities, they do attract potential partners by the hordes. This could give the impression that they are open to playing the field. Yet, when they are in a committed, loving relationship they are known to stay committed to the one who has their heart.

Jamaican men are smooth talking flirts

A great sense of humor is one of the most appealing characteristic of Jamaican men. They do enjoy the company of attentive women and this brings out the best in them. Add to this their natural tendency for being polite and it is easy to see that great social manners are sometimes mistaken for flirty behavior and seductive games. Often when it looks like a Jamaican man is being overtly seductive; it is more than likely that he thinks he is being just nice and friendly.

Jamaican Men are Womanizers

Just because Jamaican men always say nice things to women, does not mean they are seeking ulterior motives. It is natural for Jamaican men to be polite to women (mother earth). Women may sometimes misinterpret social signals and fall in love.

People still believe that Jamaican men have 20 children all over the world. This may be true about a select few wealthy popular Jamaican men. Most Jamaican men will settle down and get married. The divorce rate in Jamaica is even lower than those in first world countries.

Jamaican men have a way with words and do know just what to say to you to have you hanging on to their every word. All this smoothness and oozing charm may sure be hard to resist. It’s a great feeling to fall head over heels, but don’t have your head up in the clouds. Get to know the person behind the smooth talk, see if what’s on offer, relationship wise, is what works for you and make decisions based on some clear thinking

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